Mission Statement

The Legal Leadership Network (LLN) is Minnesota's first legal organization dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders in practice. LLN provides emerging legal professionals with a platform to develop the skills to become the new generation of leaders. This unique organization seeks to foster the intangible skills necessary for a successful career in the law: community involvement, leadership, business development, branding and marketing. LLN is proud to welcome attorneys and legal professionals from all career paths to build a stronger and more collegial bar. 

Our mission is to provide new legal professionals with the skills and insight necessary to create a strong and sustainable practice in law. Through insightful programming, leadership opportunities, and a platform to create meaningful relationships, LLN hopes to serve as an outlet for attorneys to grow as leaders in practice. Our programming is dedicated towards helping each member gain the business skills necessary to lead.  

Our Members

LLN is comprised of young legal professionals who are new to practice.


Our members come from all backgrounds: large firms, small firms, solo practitioners, in-house counsel, judicial clerks, and legal service providers. As an organization, we welcome professionals from all practice areas and legal fields.  

Our organizational focus is to provide you, the professional, with the tools and resources necessary to build a strong platform to practice law. With an emphasis on improving leadership skills, marketing, branding, business development, and future planning, LLN is motivated towards helping you succeed. 

Members receive ample benefits to help them grow their practice, including:

1.) Enrollment in the LLN Leadership Certification Program

2.) Admission to all LLN Events

3.) Subscription to the LLN bi-weekly newsletter

4.) Enrollment and admission to the LLN Leadership Summit

5.) Ability to serve in an LLN Leadership Position

Want to be involved or serve in a leadership position? Contact our leadership or email at info@llnmn.org