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The Legal Leadership Network Membership is so much more than a legal organization. It's a platform for you to foster personal growth and develop intangible skills necessary to succeed in practice.


Our organization was created by young professionals, for young professionals. We confront negative biases towards millennial leadership head on by focusing on newer attorneys and by offering our members the opportunity to serve on the LLN board.


All of our members have the opportunity to influence each other through networking events, certification programs, and leadership positions.  LLN is here to give you the outlets and experience for professional growth. 


While professional, we do not neglect the fun. Our members get access to all of our networking events, dinners, outdoor activities, and social outings at a reduced price.



Our members take pride in community service. Whether this means co-counseling on a pro bono case with another LLN member or becoming a Big with BigBrotherBigSister, LLN helps its members find and create volunteer opportunities. 

LLN Leadership Certification Programs are an exceptional outlet for all young professionals to develop skills and become certified in leadership. Click the link to our Certification Page for more details!

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