Starting July 28, 2021, LLN will offer its first ever Certified Leader in Practice Program. This certificate program is designed for young professionals to grow their network, understand the fundamentals of leadership in the legal field, and begin their development in practice. Participants will attend four CLE sessions that focus on different core principles of leadership in practice; Advocacy, Leadership for Young Lawyers, Networking, and Personal Growth. Each session will provide insight and discussion on how young legal professionals can grow their individual skills, brand, and overall abilities to succeed in practice. Attendees who attend all four CLE sessions will receive certification through The Legal Leadership Network as a Certified Leader in Practice (CLP).


Each session will consist of a 30 minute presentation on a leadership based topic, followed by a 15 minute breakout, collaboration session with other attendees. Below is a list of the presentation dates and speakers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be held virtually via Zoom.


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Program Sponsors

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Special Thank You!

LLN would like to thank Dr. Bill Withers from Hope Ministries for helping us develop and implement the CLP Certification Program. Dr. Withers' hard work and dedication has impacted the lives of many young professionals. This program could not have been started without his help, guidance, and collaboration.