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The Legal Leadership Network ("LLN") is Minnesota's first legal organization dedicated towards developing the next generation of leaders in practice.

As a new attorney, it can be difficult to develop the skills necessary to build a strong practice. Regardless of practice area, attorneys need a platform to develop their fundamental business and leadership skills. This organization hopes to provide new attorneys with a strong foundation to practice law through business development, networking, marketing, and personal branding.

We want you to succeed, and we hope our organization provides you with a foundation to lead, grow, and serve!  

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LLN provides young professionals with a platform to develop leadership skills necessary for sustainable practice. Through skills courses and open leadership positions, LLN provides you with the ability to lead. 



This organization is focused on providing its members with outlets to grow the skills that are the foundation for a strong practice in law. All sessions are focused on  fostering the intangible business skills necessary for success: leadership, business development, marketing, branding, and networking.


A true leader is one who gives back. Our members work together to improve our community through community service, individual donations, and pro bono representation.

In a world where time is limited, legal professionals need instruction on how to grow their business development skills. 
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